Original specifications

Derived from the engine designed for the F50 road car (F 130 project).
Type: aluminum block & heads, V-12 65.
Bore x Stroke: 85.0 mm x 58.7 mm.
Displacement 3997cc.
Compression Ratio11.5:1.
Camshaft: Timing gear 4 overhead camshafts; titanium valves and connecting rods.
5 valves/cylinder (total 60).
Injection: Weber Marelli digital electronic fuel injection.
Bhp @ rpm:600 Bhp @ 11000rpm. 
Torque: 330 lb-ft @ 9000 rpm 
Max. Engine Speed: 11,750 rpm 
Fuel: 103 octane. 
Cooling: Water.

Drive Train
Clutch:4 metal disk 5.5 inch diameter.
Transmission: 5-Speed & reverse, sequential.
Position: Transverse mounted inside rear axle.
Gearbox control: Mechanical sequential controls. Limited slip differential.
Rear wheel drive.

Chassis: Carbon fiber composite and aluminum honeycomb.
Suspension: Pushrod front and rear independent suspension.
Wheelbase: 2750 mm.
Track Front: 1660 mm.
Track Rear: 1572 mm.
Brakes: Brembo disk brakes.
Wheels: Front 10 x 17, Rear 15 x 17.
Overall Length: 4502 mm.
Width: 1994 mm.
Height: 1067 mm.
Weight: 899 Kg.
Fuel Tank 70 liters, or 100 for 24 hour races.
Bodywork: Carbon fiber and Nomex composite.
Steering: Right hand.